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We specialize in solving problems and increasing our clients' return on their technological investments. Although we are a technology company, our first and foremost goal is to provide viable business solutions utilizing the appropriate technology for each client. Every client has unique needs, goals and problems that can be solved through technology. We work to understand the needs, goals and problems and provide a solution uniquely tailored for that client. We will not waste your or our time on solutions that won't provide a return on your investment.
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Based in Dallas, Texas Impel Marketing is a rapidly growing "Interactive Agency" serving businesses throughout the Southwest. Impel Marketing plays an integral role in providing companies with complete marketing application solutions exclusively for businesses that have Internet requirements tied to critical business objectives. Our company offers sophisticated system and network management solutions, along with professional services to provide optimal performance for our customers.

With over ten years in direct marketing to general and Hispanic markets, IMPEL delivers a complete end-to-end solution to businesses planning to improve advertising efforts quickly and cost effectively.

Our founding principle is to create campaigns that close communication gaps between businesses and their clients. We first narrow the communication channel by leveraging company's existing marketing and advertising strategies. We then help teams determine short and long-term market penetration objectives. And finally, we design an implementation plan to improve all points of client communication via TV, print, or web.


Impel Marketing is committed to providing the best interactive Marketing, Web hosting, network and configuration management solutions available. We believe every business deserves...

  • Honest, sincere, knowledgeable technical expertise presented in an understandable manner
  • Truthful input regarding business decisions, directions and solutions as they
    relate to Internet technologies
  • Solutions that make sound business, financial and technical sense
  • Services that incorporate only the highest quality hardware and software
  • A partnership with a profitable business with a long-term vision and a  proven track record
  • Referrals to other like-minded businesses for services that we do not offer.
  • To be treated with integrity, honesty and respect

Impel Marketing strives to use this Vision Statement to filter every business decision we make. We understand the future of our company depends upon our ability to provide services of ever increasing value and quality to our clients. Impel Marketing is committed to that end.

Our typical clients include businesses that are . . .

•  Tired of getting bogged down in technical jargon
•  Unhappy with the performance and services offered by their current
•  Afraid their current provider will be closing their doors in the near
•  Disappointed with the quality and functionality of their Web presence
•  Sick of promises that remain undelivered
•  Longing for technical services provided by a business savvy company

We also work with committed businesses to solve these problems and build a Web presence and technology infrastructure that produces results. Our clients enjoy . .

•  Tighter integration of their Web presence and recurring business
•  Higher levels of customer satisfaction through enhanced Web
•  Increased profits from added revenue streams
•  Faster response times for customer service needs
•  Optimized delivery of information to customer base
•  Enhanced productivity from streamlined business processes
•  A more professional corporate image
•  Peace of mind

Achieving real success in business is extremely difficult. If you are finally ready to get serious about your company's Web presence, call us at 214-206-1436.

Welcome to Impel Marketing.
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